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Hi I need help. I sent my Nexo coins to coinbase. I exchanged the Nexo coins to eth. I clicked receive on the eth side in coinbase and then copy pasted the address in the...
answered Apr 7
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I have a question to the Bitcoin specialists here. If someone buys a hardware wallet like ledger, the company now's it's address and which device they received. If a tran...
answered Mar 18
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Due to the ongoing market movement : what do you think/predict? How low will ETH go? Where will be the bottom? I am just harvesting opinions.
answered Nov 21, 2022
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I finally bit them bullet and got my own wallet. Yeah, yeah I know… Not your keys and all that. But after dabbling in crypto for a few years through exchanges, I decide...
answered Oct 22, 2022
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The majority of crypto users have forgotten or never cared about the true goal : Decentralisation. Hopefully, the tornado cash / USDC freezing situation opens some eyes. ...
answered Aug 10, 2022
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I’m not going to lie, Coinbase Learn and Earn is one hell of an awesome thing for people like myself who find it hard to invest much. And like a god ray descended from ...
answered Aug 6, 2022
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