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I am a crypto supporter, investor and holder. And I love crypto. I am far, far away from being a crypto expert or someone who can advise people on this subject, but I rea...
answered Apr 9
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hello, how can I purchase a semi large amount of btc anonymously with really high fees of safely... is there such a thing? thanks ​ ps scammers please dont bother ...
answered Mar 18
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Bitcoin has been pumping like crazy for the last couple of minutes. It's up almost 10% just in the last 24 hours. I closed my long position at 23230 and after a couple of...
answered Feb 16
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Investing. We tend to approach it from a rational perspective, scrutinising the white paper, checking the Twitter tweets, gauging the market sentiment on this sub, even t...
answered Aug 26, 2022
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The value of a stablecoin is that it has low volatility so that assets priced in it should be roughly the same price over reasonable periods of time. The USD has lost ove...
answered Aug 16, 2022
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Yes they can. This case is most obvious with Tornado Cash which is a dapp effectively and it will still die. I don't even understand why the developer was arrested. That ...
answered Aug 13, 2022
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