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Ikaria Lean Belly Juice, They can provide you assista...
MelodeeRande asked Jul 27
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I entered the crypto market last summer during the crash. I invested in projects that I researched or those that I believed in. So no shit coins and vaporwaves in my port...
omahonyjohnno asked Jun 22
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basically I owe around 30k left on my car loan and the value of my car is around 55-60k. Would it be smart to sell my car, take the cash difference, and buy a whole bitc...
CAHParaguay asked Jul 9
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5 Million faces gather in a crowd The bounty is ready, the roar becomes loud 25,000 pieces, each stamped with a moon Test your mettle, sharpen your wit The hunt begins s...
RedBullBraga asked Jun 22
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I'm a huge fan of DeFi and support it all the way but I won’t lie, I find myself having to use CeFi every now and then simply because of the MUCH cheaper fees that woul...
adgzoneagra asked Aug 3
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I have seen a lot of people that wanted to live of Defi. I am curious to know if there are people still surviving in this kind of Bear market. If people here is living a ...
TotalVegasBlog asked Jul 10
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Ethereum is currently at $999, for the first time since January 2021. Great time to buy in this bear market, but I wouldn't put too much in now as it may go lower. Keep H...
Zoddies asked Jun 24
by Zoddies
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Interested to learn about the DeFi journeys of the folks here. Also would love to know how you discovered decentralised finance, who or what inspired you and what is some...
DelGlennDavis asked Jul 10
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So: let’s assume you were given an $10k inheritance in this bear market that requires you to invest it all at once into crypto. Very forward thinking and generous of th...
josefoster asked Jun 22
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I want to make more money off it, no matter how long it takes, even 10 years, I just want a plan to go with and stay consistent with it, I want to invest with my current ...
jamieraymusic asked Jul 6
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Hey, you that are involved crypto jobs, either in developing, coding, front/back end progress, maybe in traditional banking/trading or practicing law, (something to add h...
PWTorch asked Jun 25
by PWTorch
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We have a very divisive sub, and despite the current bear market, most of us continue to believe our particular token of choice will return to its all time high. Some cho...
cinemascopian asked Jun 25
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It seems strange to me. So many pander to the "256"bit minimum, when alas, our RSA key encapsulation/ECC key agreement schemes are only 128-bit hard. Thus there is no ben...
CdmxPilares asked Jun 22
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