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You will be given 100 Bitcoin and 100 Ethereum, but in return you will be put to sleep for 5 years. Would you accept that? (When you wake up, Bitcoin will be worth 300K a...
stewartcdickson asked 5 days ago
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I would ask him this: What was that thing which your mind was thinking when you struck with the idea of decentralised blockchain? I'm interested in this because I really...
J_Panzoo asked Aug 1
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We're supposed to be in a bear market, it's perfect for me to get more bang for my buck. I was promised a year long bear market, at first I was saddened at the thought of...
EFE_tec asked Jul 20
by EFE_tec
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A few months ago I was super excited for Fantom and ita Solidly with Andre Cronje as a main developer. Super good tech, really bullish… boom main dev left, dust remains...
_TheAOrji_ asked 14 hours ago
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What have been your biggest blunders so far when it comes to cryptocurrency? We all know that how much volatile the industry is. And the things that made you regret your...
andreajenkyns asked Aug 6
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As title suggests, the more the time goes by the more we learn (yes we still keep managing to sell low buy high somehow but that’s the way isn’t it) so what has the b...
MsCFarrell asked Jul 10
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### We’re thinking of making this a monthly post so we will see how this one goes. —- For anyone diametrically opposed to the HODLER lifestyle, if you’ve taken prof...
ForeignStrategy asked Jul 29
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This is essentially an asset allocation question, NOT a how much do you have question. I’m curious what percentage of everyone’s savings, investments, etc. are in cry...
clichemag asked Jul 13
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see title. how low would BTC have to go for you to go out and simply buy an entire one? what follows, just fulfills the purpose of making this post go over the required l...
alan_oldham asked Jun 22
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I’m currently 19, looking to get into cryptocurrency. I’ve always been aware of it as I have numerous friends who have been very into this kind of stuff but I never r...
leventkartop asked 2 days ago
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I’ve seen a lot of shilling around, so I thought that maybe we should try to do the reverse. Are you disappointed in any project that you invested in? Not taking from a...
udp_cl asked Jul 7
by udp_cl
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I love a bit of wild speculation/hopeium. The merge is in 5.5 weeks time. Let’s play a game: how much do you think 1 ETH will be worth at the date of the Merge? Will is...
AviatourTwit asked 2 days ago
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It is no secret that the last few months will be seen as probably one of the craziest even for Crypto. An ATH at 69k was comical enough and then all the denial that we wi...
CharlieDope asked Aug 6
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